Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have put the following measures in place to ensure our students and their families are as safe as possible on our return to face to face lessons. Please could you take the time to read the information below as there are several big changes:

♩ Both our Horsforth and Baildon Rooms now have keyboards around the edge of the room, facing the walls instead of each other, with 1m+ between keyboards.

♩ This has created a large space in the centre of each room, allowing students to sit/stand socially distanced for any group discussion or activity.

♩ There will be compulsory hand sanitising on entry and exit for all students.

♩ Students' temperature will be checked on arrival using a no-touch infrared thermometer.

♩ We will not be asking our students to wear masks, however please feel free to send your child in one if you wish.

♩ All keyboards, headphones, stools, door handles etc. will be sterilised between lessons.
♩ Students must bring their current music book, a pencil and an eraser to each lesson in a bag. Unless parents have specifically requested not to, special PJC equipment has been provided for our students and charged to parent's accounts to cover the cost of these.

♩ In order to enable social distancing and allow time for cleaning between lessons, our Young Beginners Lessons will reduce from 55 minutes to 50 minutes. We ask parents not to arrive early, and to ensure their children are picked up on time in order to assist with this. 

♩ Due its higher chance of spreading Covid-19, group singing will not take place inside for the time being. If the weather is nice, an occasional outdoor singing session may take place.

♩ In order to ensure our student's singing needs are met, (including the musical theory we embed through singing), as well as compensating for the reduction in lesson time, one longer weekly lesson will be held on Zoom which will include singing repertoire, technique, sight-singing and any singing-related Composer of the Month activities. We feel this will more than ensure our parents receive value for money. 

♩ Parents are asked NOT to bring their children to lesson if they display any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19. Any student who shows signs will be sent home immediately and asked to get a test ASAP. 

♩ During this pandemic, we are waiving our 24 notice requirement for receiving make-up credits for anyone who cancels because of Covid-19 Symptoms. Please just cancel as normal on the system and send me a text or email to explain why and I will add the make up credit back to your account. Please note, your child will need a negative test result if they wish to return before the 14 days isolation period. 


♩ Shoes will now be left on, and coats/bags will be brought direct to the students' keyboard station to avoid crowding around the hall way. 

♩ Students will be asked to remain in their keyboard seat at the end of the lesson, and will be called one at a time to exit when PJC can see their parents have arrived. 

♩ We ask parents NOT to enter the garden unless necessary, and instead ask them to send their children in one at a time (or one set of siblings), to socially distance them. 

♩ Parents can either either wait in the car, or if students are younger they can watch their child's entry and exit from behind the hedge. We ask parents to keep 2m between households where possible.


♩ We ask parents to keep as socially distanced as possible while waiting in the foyer. If you arrive early, please wait outside/in the car. 

♩ As soon as PJC or an assistant arrives, please leave your children with us while we wait for the whole class to arrive.

♩ We will be ensuring all our students keep their distance on our journey from the foyer down to the music rooms.

I am so excited to get started back again face to face and I want to thank you in advance for all of your help and support to make our return a success.

Phillippa ♪