Musical Milestones at PJC: A Journey Through Three Vibrant Colours

Thursday, January 4, 2024 | Young Beginners Programme

Musical Milestones at PJC: A Journey Through Three Vibrant Colours

At PJC Music School, our Young Beginners Programme is a comprehensive curriculum that teaches Piano, Singing, and Music theory in a fun and holistic way.  One of the key highlights of this dynamic programme is the exclusive three-part series of music tuition books, each vivid colour representing a different stage in the development of our students' musical skills and knowledge. 

The Three Musical Colours

The Young Beginners Programme is divided into three stages; Pink, Orange and Blue. Each of these books have been carefully crafted to support our groundbreaking group learning format, as well as provide inspiration for independent practice. Every book culminates in three performance pieces, which are celebrated in a performance to the group on our stunning white baby grand piano.

The Pink Book (Stage 1):
The journey begins with the Pink Book, a vibrant introduction to the basics of music. The large print and clear layout make it easily accessible to even our youngest students, and the fun stickers make the theoretical aspects more engaging. With a focus on fundamental keyboard skills, basic rhythms and treble clef notation, as well as singing and internalisation skills from the Kodály method (Do, Re, Mi), the Pink Book ensures that our young musicians commence their musical journey with a solid understanding of the essentials.

The Orange Book (Stage 2):
As our students progress, they delve into the Orange Book, where their skills are further developed. This stage introduces bass clef notation, hands-together playing, and additional musical elements. The Orange Book builds upon the foundation established in the Pink Book, providing a seamless transition to more advanced concepts. 

The Blue Book (Stage 3):
The final stage in our series, the Blue Book, introduces more complex skills, keys, metres and techniques. The Blue Book prepares our young musicians for the next phase of their musical journey- ‘The PJC Intermediates Programme’, where they begin to take their ABRSM Exams in Piano, Singing and Music Theory. 

Pedagogical Excellence

At the heart of these books lie essential pedagogical principles, including scaffolding, dual coding, spiral learning, and retrieval practice. This meticulously designed approach inspires, develops, and nurtures our students, providing them with a solid technical foundation, rapid progression, and a strong sense of musical identity.

The Stamps System 

The PJC Stamps System, a unique and innovative approach incorporated into our Young Beginners Programme, introduces a structured framework for assessing and enhancing musical proficiency. Comprising of five stamps—Accuracy, Fluency, Technique, Dynamics, and Articulation—this system empowers students to break down the focus of their practice into discrete sections. By striving to attain all five stamps in specific exercises and performance pieces, students engage in a scaffolded learning process, allowing them to independently refine and master essential musical skills and elements. This not only serves as a powerful motivator but also celebrates smaller milestones along the way, fostering a sense of accomplishment and reinforcing the building blocks of musical excellence. 

Animal Friends and Musical Elements

Embedded within the pages are ten charming animal friends who guide our students through the fundamental elements of music. These lovable characters illustrated by talented Bradford artist, Sven Shaw, bring the musical journey to life, making the learning process visually engaging and more memorable. 

A Labour of Love 

All content within this series has been conceived, written, and designed by Phillippa Jade Cairns. Her dedication to music education and passion for nurturing young talent shines through on every page.


The PJC Young Beginners Programme is not just a curriculum; it's a musical adventure that lays the foundation for a lifelong love of music. With each musical note, our students are embarking on a journey that will shape them into confident, skilled musicians, with unlimited potential.