The PJC Intermediates Programme

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Our PJC Intermediate Programme is the next level up after completing the Young Beginners Programme. These 90 minute lessons are open to students studying ABRSM Initial Grade to Grade 5 Piano.

Each lesson consists of specific sections:

Singing and Aural Practice

15 minutes

Piano Pieces

20 minutes

Sight Reading

10 minutes

Scales and Arpeggios

10 minutes

Music Theory

20 minutes

Composer Time

10 minutes


5 minutes

Music Theory

The Intermediates Programme will allow our students to take their ABRSM Music Theory Exams. All students will need to take Grade 5 Theory by the end of their Intermediates Programme, as ABRSM does not allow anyone to take Grade 6 unless they have already taken Grade 5 Theory.  Once our students have completed the Intermediates Course, and have reached Grade 4 on Piano and/or Voice, AND Grade 5 Music Theory, they can progress to a PJC Advanced Programme, where in addition to Grade 5-8 on Piano and/or Voice, we will offer an additional extra of taking GCSE and then A level Music should they wish. 

Singing and Aural

The singing part of each lesson will allow students to reinforce their music theory, working holistically together as we did in the Young Beginners Programme, understanding scales, keys, chords, arpeggios, triads and much more. Any student who wishes to take Grade 1 and above in their singing exam will have the opportunity to work on repertoire, technique, tone and performance skills.  All students will learn sight singing (even students who don’t wish to take singing grades) as it features in the Aural part of the Piano Exam from Grade 4 and above. This part of each lesson will also give an opportunity for regular practice of the other skills that will be examined in their Aural tests such as singing echos and analysing music. 

Composer Time

Now our students have reached Grade Initial-4 on the Piano, I will be able to give more demanding and exciting challenges in relation to each composer, and more importantly connect the context of each composer in time, period, style and genre, building up a wealth of knowledge which will help them with their Grade 5-8 Aural Exam, and any GCSEs or A level Music they may go on to take in the future. 

Piano Pieces, Sight Reading and Scales/Arpeggios

These will have focused set times each lesson, ensuring our students continue to make incredible progress consistently. 


The Intermediates Programme is £120 per month for a 90 minute lesson per week. 


If your child has reached Initial Grade and wishes to move up to our Intermediates Programme, please get in touch and we will find the best class for them, keeping as close as possible time to their original lesson time. Students are welcome to stay in the Young Beginners Programme until they pass their Initial Grade, in which case they will need to move up to the Intermediates Programme to start Grade 1. 

The most recent ABRSM exam certificates from some of our Intermediate students

A mini recital during an Intermediates Lesson

An Intermediates Group enjoying a Music Theory Game together.

As always, if you have any questions at all regarding the Intermediates Programme, please don't hesitate to get in touch. ❤️🎹🎤
Phillippa 🎶