The PJC 'Fast Track' Programme

Monday, August 24, 2020 | Progress

The PJC 'Fast Track' Programme 

One of the most frequently asked questions from our parents is how best to support their child with their practice. At PJC, we are so committed to providing outstanding progress for our students at fantastic value for money, and are always looking for ways to further increase the rate at which our students improve. After 6 months of trial runs with selected students and parents, we are delighted to announce that from September 2020, we are officially launching our PJC 'Fast Track' Programme. This package works in addition to our Young Beginners Programme, and is designed to provide an opportunity to accelerate the progress of our Young Beginners at an even quicker rate by providing bi-weekly support for students and their parents to help with their practice at home!

How Will the Fast Track Programme Improve Progress?

The PJC Fast Track Programme improves student progress in three different ways:
1) It provides expert support and feedback twice weekly. 
Students can send audio or video recordings of their practice up to twice a week, and receive feedback on these pieces within two days. Specific areas of weakness or any errors can be addressed, and PJC can use this to inform their planning for the student's next lesson.
2) It allows students to move through pieces at home. 
If a student sends a recording of a piece played well, they can have their pieces 'ticked off' at home, meaning they can move quicker through their books because they are not having to wait till their next lesson to get their pieces approved and stamped. This means they can spend their subsequent lesson learning next steps instead of spending time demonstrating what they have practiced.
3) It encourages regular and consistent practice in our students.
Students are motivated by the frequent deadlines, and by the regular encouragement they receive with their practice. Students and parents alike can ask for specific and focused help on any areas they are struggling on. 

How much quicker is the progress they will make?

In the sixth month trial run, students progressed up to three times quicker than those on the Young Beginners Programme alone. 

How much is it?

The fast track is paid monthly on the 1st and costs £16.50 per month.

Who should be joining the Fast Track Programme?

Any student who has already reached their Initial Grade, Grade 1 or higher in either singing or piano, and any student who wishes to progress through their first two piano books and reach their ABRSM even quicker. 

How does this help students who are working towards ABRSM Exams?

Our Fast Track Programme applies to both Singing and Piano Grades. As the pieces get more difficult, students have the opportunity to check in twice during the week with any queries, or ask for help with any difficult passages. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase what I have asked them to work on in the previous lesson, and the feedback can then include instructions to tackle further specific sections of the piece. It also provides the ability for the student to demonstrate anything they have been working on that they do not get time to show during lesson time. 

For Singers specifically, students would need to be able to record themselves singing both unaccompanied and with the backing tracks I have recorded on the online portal. 

I am working on ABRSM Grades in both Singing and Piano, how will that work for me? 

Students have two opportunities for feedback weekly and can decide how they wish to use them (e.g. one for signing, one for piano, or two for singing and none for piano, or different each week depending on their need). Alternatively, you could sign up for twice weekly for both singing and piano.

Is there anyone that isn't suitable for the Fast Track Programme?

The Fast Track Programme will likely not be value for money for any student who:

1) will not be able to practice at least twice a week on most weeks. 

2) does not have the ability to record their playing or singing and send it each time. 

3) is under the age of seven and does not have a parent sitting and helping them when practising. 

If I don't sign up, does this mean you don't want me to send videos of my child playing or singing?

It most definitely does not mean that!! I love nothing more than seeing snippets of our students practicing at home and I want this to continue! It just means I won't be able to provide the level of feedback as those on the fast track programme. 

Logistically, how will this work? 

You or your child will send me their audio or video recording either via WhatsApp. PJC will respond within two days. The format the feedback takes will change depending on how best to help the student, it may be written, audio, video or may include a photo or link to something external. 

Can I do a trial?

If you want to take part in the Fast Track Programme, you must commit to paying for the month ahead, but you can cancel this service at any time, there is no notice period. 

How do I Sign Up?

Just send us an email and we can add them to the Fast Track Students list and adjust your invoices. 

As always, any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch. ❤️🎹🎤 

Happy Practising! 
Phillippa 🎶