The PJC 'Fast Track' Programme

Monday, August 24, 2020 | Progress

The PJC 'Fast Track' Programme 

One of the most frequently asked questions from our parents is how best to support their child with their practice. At PJC, we are so committed to providing outstanding progress for our students at fantastic value for money, and our 'PJC Fast Track Programme' works in addition to our Young Beginners Programme or Intermediates Programme and is designed to provide an opportunity to accelerate the rate of progress of our students by providing bi-weekly support for students and their parents to help with their practice at home!

How Will the Fast Track Programme Improve Progress?

The PJC Fast Track Programme improves student progress in three different ways:
1) It provides expert support and feedback twice weekly. 
Students can send audio or video recordings of their practice up to twice a week, and receive feedback on these pieces within two days. Specific areas of weakness or any errors can be addressed, and PJC can use this to inform planning for the student's next lesson.
2) It allows students to move through pieces at home. 
If a student sends a recording of a piece played well, they can have their pieces 'ticked off' at home, meaning they can move quicker through their books because they are not having to wait till their next lesson to get their pieces approved and stamped. This means they can spend their subsequent lesson learning next steps instead of spending time demonstrating what they have practiced.
3) It encourages regular and consistent practice in our students.
Students are motivated by the frequent deadlines, and by the regular encouragement they receive with their practice. Students and parents alike can ask for specific and focused help on any areas they are struggling on. 

How much quicker is the progress they will make?

On average, students progress up to three times quicker than those on the Young Beginners or Intermediates Programme alone. 

How much is it?

Young Beginners £10 per month
Intermediates £15 per month (automatically upgraded to Exam Prep the month before an exam at no extra charge).
Exam Preparation Month £35 (unlimited feedback in the month before an exam). 

Who should be joining the Fast Track Programme?

The Fast Track Programme is brilliant for any student who wishes to make quicker progress through their books and exams. In order for the programme to be effective, students should practice at least twice a week on most weeks, and either have the ability to record themselves and send it each time or have a parent sitting with them when practising who can send recordings and receive feedback.

How does this help students who are working towards ABRSM Exams?

Our Fast Track Programme applies to ABRSM Piano and Singing Grades. As the pieces get more difficult, students have the opportunity to check in twice during the week with any queries, or ask for help with any difficult passages. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase what I have asked them to work on in the previous lesson, and the feedback can then include instructions to tackle further specific sections of the pieces. It also provides the ability for the student to demonstrate anything they have been working on that they do not get time to show during lesson time. For Singers specifically, students would need to be able to record themselves singing both unaccompanied and with the backing tracks I have recorded on the online portal. 

In the month before an exam, the amount of recordings can increase from twice weekly to unlimited at no extra charge, so long as a student is on the Fast Track Programme for four months minimum. Students often bombard me with videos in the lead up to an exam in order to achieve the best result (and I love it!). If students want to only take part in the Exam Preparation one month before the exam, this is charged at £35 for the month. 

Logistically, how will this work? 

You or your child will send me their audio or video recording either via WhatsApp. PJC will respond within two days. The format the feedback takes will change depending on how best to help the student, it may be written, audio, video or may include a photo or link to something external. 

Can I do a trial?

If you want to take part in the Fast Track Programme, you must commit to paying for the month ahead, but you can cancel this service at any time, there is no notice period. 

How do I Sign Up?

Just send us an email and we can add them to the Fast Track Students list and adjust your invoices. 

As always, any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch. ❤️🎹🎤 

Happy Practising! 
Phillippa 🎶

Welcome Information for Young Beginners!

Monday, August 24, 2020 | Welcome Information

Hello and welcome to our PJC Family! We're so looking forward to meeting you and your child at their upcoming free trial lesson. 

Please read the information below before you arrive to the first lesson. If you have any questions not answered in the information below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phillippa and Team ♪

Terms and Conditions
Please sign the terms and conditions before your child attends their trial lesson. Please click this link to be directed to the form.
Using the Calendar
You should have already received an email to set up your password for our online portal. 
Your child is now signed up for their chosen lesson slot and you should be able to see this on the calendar once you sign in. 
If you cancel a lesson with at least 24 hours notice, you will be issued a 'make up credit' which can be used to sign up for any other lesson with available space. 
We have a full blog post on how to use our make up credits here.

Venue Information
PJC Music School, 36 Kirk Lane, Yeadon, LS19 7ET

We ask you to please park considerately, being respectful of our neighbours.
The pavement directly outside of the building should be used for drop offs and pick ups only, not for parking.
On the first day, please feel free to drop your child off quickly, or come in to see the room, say hello and introduce yourself.
Can Parents Stay?
For safeguarding reasons, parents are not allowed in the music rooms during lesson time. Children also focus better and relax easier when they are free to be independent.
Please do not worry if your child is a little nervous, our staff are completely adept in making them feel comfortable and happy very quickly.
If your child has any additional needs, please inform us of this before their trial- letting us know any information or useful strategies to help us support them better during their lesson. 
Students will receive their Young Beginners Starter Park at their trial lesson.
This includes their first piano book (The Pink Book), a PJC Book Bag, Sticker Chart, Practice Champion Log and PJC Pencil.
There is a cost of £25 which will be added to your first invoice following a successful trial lesson. 
As they progress, there will be no charge for the subsequent two PJC Books (The Orange Book and The Blue Book) which will be presented to your child in lesson after successfully passing their book.
Practice at Home
All our students take part in the PJC Practice Champion each year, which successfully uses rewards, prizes and peer competition to encourage our students' practice.We are also very committed to supporting our parents at home and have lots of resources and guidance to help with this, including our playlist on YouTube 'The PJC Piano Practice Guide for Parents'.

If you have any queries about needing a piano or keyboard, please read our blog post: The Piano Buying Guide: It's Not All Black and White and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

For extra support, you can also sign your child up for the PJC 'Fast Track' Programme for an extra £10 per month, which provides bi-weekly support for practice at home. This programme allows pupils to move through their first two piano books at an even quicker rate, and results in superior progress in ABRSM Exams.

Again, please do get in touch if there are any questions not answered above or if you need support with using the online portal.

Many thanks, and see you soon!

Phillippa and Team ♪

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have put the following measures in place to ensure our students and their families are as safe as possible on our return to face to face lessons. Please could you take the time to read the information below as there are several big changes:


♩ Both our venues now have keyboards around the edge of the room, facing the walls instead of each other.

♩ This has created a large space in the centre of each room, allowing students to sit/stand more socially distanced for any group discussion or activity.

♩ There will be compulsory hand sanitising on entry and exit for all students.

♩ Students' temperature will be checked on arrival using a no-touch infrared thermometer.

♩ We will not be asking our students to wear masks, however please feel free to send your child in one if you wish.

♩ All keyboards, headphones, stools, door handles etc. will be sterilised between lessons.
♩ Students must bring their current music book, a pencil and an eraser to each lesson in a bag. Special PJC equipment has been provided for our students and charged to parent's accounts to cover the cost of these.

♩ In order to enable social distancing and allow time for cleaning between lessons, our Young Beginners Lessons will reduce from 55 minutes to 50 minutes. 

♩ Parents are asked NOT to bring their children to lesson if they display any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19. Any student who shows signs will be sent home immediately and asked to get a test ASAP. 

♩ During this pandemic, we are waiving our 24 notice requirement for receiving make-up credits for anyone who cancels because of Covid-19 Symptoms. Please just cancel as normal on the system and send me a text or email to explain why and I will add the make up credit back to your account. Please note, your child will need a negative test result if they wish to return before the 14 days isolation period.

♩ Although no one under the age of 18 is now required to self isolated if they are contacted as a close contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19, we ask parents to please ensure the student takes a lateral flow test on the morning of their lesson should this be the case.