Welcome Information for Young Beginners!

Monday, August 24, 2020 | Welcome Information

Hello and welcome to our PJC Family! We're so looking forward to meeting you and your child at their upcoming free trial lesson. 

Please read the information below before you arrive to the first lesson. If you have any questions not answered in the information below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phillippa and Team ♪

Terms and Conditions
Please sign the terms and conditions before your child attends their trial lesson. Please click this link to be directed to the form.
Using the Calendar
You should have already received an email to set up your password for our online portal.
Your child is now signed up for their chosen lesson slot and you should be able to see this on the calendar once you sign in.
If you cancel a lesson with at least 24 hours notice, you will be issued a 'make up credit' which can be used to sign up for any other lesson with available space.
We have a full blog post on how to use our make up credits here.

Venue Information
PJC Music School, 36 Kirk Lane, Yeadon, LS19 7ET

We ask you to please park considerately, being respectful of our neighbours.
The pavement directly outside of the building should be used for drop offs and pick ups only, not for parking.
On the first day, please feel free to drop your child off quickly, or come in to see the room, say hello and introduce yourself.
Can Parents Stay?
Parents are not allowed in the music rooms during lesson time as children focus better and relax easier when they are free to be independent.
Please do not worry if your child is a little nervous, our staff are completely adept in making them feel comfortable and happy very quickly.
If your child has any additional needs, please inform us of this before their trial- letting us know any information or useful strategies to help us support them better during their lesson. 
Students will receive their Young Beginners Starter Park at their trial lesson.
This includes their first piano book (The Pink Book), a PJC Book Bag, Sticker Chart, Practice Champion Log and PJC Pencil.
There is a cost of £20 which will be added to your first invoice following a successful trial lesson. 
As they progress, there will be no charge for the subsequent two PJC Books (The Orange Book and The Blue Book) which will be presented to your child in lesson after successfully passing their book.

Practice at Home
All our students take part in the PJC Practice Champion each year, which successfully uses rewards, prizes and peer competition to encourage our students' practice.We are also very committed to supporting our parents at home and have lots of resources and guidance to help with this, including our playlist on YouTube 'The PJC Piano Practice Guide for Parents'.

If you have any queries about needing a piano or keyboard, please read our blog post: The Piano Buying Guide: It's Not All Black and White and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

For extra support, you can also sign your child up for the PJC 'Fast Track' Programme for an extra £10 per month, which provides bi-weekly support for practice at home.This programme allows pupils to move through their first two piano books at an even quicker rate, and results in superior progress in ABRSM Exams.

Again, please do get in touch if there are any questions not answered above or if you need support with using the online portal.

Many thanks, and see you soon!

Phillippa and Team ♪