A Complete Guide to Make-Up Credits

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 | Make-Up Credits

A Complete Guide to Make-Up Credits


At PJC Music School, we are really proud of our make-up credit system. It means we can offer parents the flexibility to work music lessons around their busy family lives while ensuring that their child never misses out on that valuable lesson time!  This blog is written to give our parents a detailed explanation of how to use the make-up credit system in a step-by-step guide.

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With dentist appointments, school plays, swimming galas, Grandparent visits and holidays abroad, we know that our parents' schedules change every week. Using our online portal, any lesson cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will credit the account with a make-up credit. This can be used to sign up for a make-up lesson at a future date


Logging On:

When you first signed up your child for music lessons at PJC, you will have been sent a ‘Parent Login’ email, directing you to set up your password. After this, you can go to www.pjcmusicschool.com on any page and enter your username and password in the login box in the side bar (on your phones there is no sidebar so just to scroll down till you reach it!) This will take you through to the online portal. If you can’t remember your password, please contact PJC and we will reset and send you out a new parent login email.


Marking your child’s absence: 

Once you reach the online portal, you should automatically be taken to the calendar. If not, click on the left-hand side bar and the calendar is the second option down. In this example account, Leopold Mozart can see that his son Wolfgang Mozart is currently registered for the Monday at 4pm class.



Wolfgang can’t attend the lesson on the 9th  September. Leopold can mark him as absent on the calendar by clicking on this lesson and clicking ‘cancel attendance’ with the red cross.  Description: HD:Users:phillippacairns:Desktop:Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.11.19.png

The system will give you an option to send PJC a message as to why you are absent. This can be useful for both parties but this is not obligatory.    


The original lesson will now have a red head instead of a green one.    

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Leopold cancelled Wolfgang's lesson with at least 24 hours notice so he now has a make-up credit and can register him for another lesson. He could choose to do this now, or if he wasn’t sure which lesson was best, he could save it for later as the credits stay safely logged on the system. If he goes to the ‘home’ page and scrolls right down near the bottom he can see how many credits he has to use. 

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Choosing your make-up lesson

Not including the lessons your child is already registered for, lessons only appear on the calendar when there is a space available. With parents frequently cancelling and rescheduling their children’s lessons, lesson times on the calendar will appear and disappear regularly.  You can sign up to a lesson with at least 12 hours notice, after which time the lesson registration will close.   

When choosing your child’s make up lesson, just watch out for the differences in colour and age:

PURPLE is for lessons at Horsforth School

GREEN is for lessons at Baildon

You can use your make-up credit at either venue.

Just make sure the class you are applying for is age appropriate. There are several lessons in the week that have students age 8-14. This would not be a good fit for a 5 year old, as there is a much more grown-up atmosphere in these lessons with less games and longer stretches of time at a task. Just click on the lesson and it will tell you in the description the age range of the student in that lesson.

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Registering for a lesson 

Leopold can’t make any of the Horsforth make-up times, so he’s going to register Wolfgang for a 10am Baildon lesson on Sunday. All he has to do is click on the lesson and click ‘Register’ with the green tick.     Description: HD:Users:phillippacairns:Desktop:Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.35.59.png


The system will show a list of the possible future lessons. Ignore these and scroll down to click ‘Yes’. 


Wolfgang is now registered for his make-up lesson. The make-up credit will stay logged in the system until PJC takes the register in the lesson. Success!    Description: HD:Users:phillippacairns:Desktop:Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.43.10.png


Expiration Dates 

We used to have a termly expiration date on our make-up credits, which we extended to a yearly expiration date. However, we have since decided that in order to make our parents’ lives as easy as possible, there is now no expiration dates on our make-up credits. In return, we ask our parents that if they are booking make-up lessons in the considerable future, that they are courteous and understanding if these need to be rescheduled. Please note that make-up credits are a wonderful bonus we offer to our parents and must be used during full paying months. They cannot be stored up and used instead of a monthly payment, nor be added on at the end of a notice period.

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Students from our Horsforth lessons getting on great with the Baildon regulars during one of their make-up sessions.


Your Child’s First Make-Up Lesson

Your child may feel a little apprehensive when attending a different lesson for the first time, with a different set of students and possibly a different venue. Don’t worry about this- it’s completely normal and all of our groups make newcomers feel completely welcome. My favourite thing about our make-up credits is how it enforces our PJC Family ethos. Students from all our Young Beginners classes start getting to know each other as they start attending different days and times, and soon it becomes a case of ‘Hey- I remember you from when you came to our Wednesday class a few weeks ago!’

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A Final Plea on Behalf of our Parents... 

In order for this fantastic system to work effectively, it’s really important that parents mark their child’s absence on the online calendar when they know they are going to be away. Even if you are not planning on taking advantage of the make-up lessons, please try and find the time to login and cancel your child’s attendance. Not only does this help with planning for the lesson, it opens up the slots to allow parents to use their make-up credits. We sincerely thank all of our parents for this contribution to our PJC Family Community!

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PJC Music School offers high quality Piano and Singing lessons to students aged 3-14 in our Young Beginners Programme in Baildon and Horsforth. Visit www.pjcmusicschool.com/Group-Lessons for more information or search pjcmusicschool on Facebook or Instagram.